About School

Full name: “State Educational Institution – Primary School of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Australia”


Founder: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation


Year of foundation: 2001


Registered and postal address: 78 Canberra Avenue, Griffith, ACT 2603


The Primary School of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Australia was founded under the Decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation No. 342 dated July 23, 2001 to provide free elementary general education to the children of the Russian citizens posted to Australia by the Government of the Russian Federation.


Other children including international students can also be enrolled in our Primary School on a space available and direct contract payment bases.  


Our Primary School activities are guided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Russian education legislature, the regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Australia as well as the school statute.


Four year school programs provide primary general education in the Russian language. Lessons are held in a school building inside the Embassy.


Our Primary School also welcomes junior and senior students (5-11 grades) to get tutorial assistance on the subjects taught at school.


Depending on students’ possibilities and demands we kindly offer full-time tuition and externship both run in accordance with the common state educational standard.


Main objectives:

  • Develop students’ personality
  • Assist in social adaptation
  • Build the ground for making the right choice to master further professional academic programs
  • Encourage public spirits, industriousness, respect of human rights and freedoms, social initiative and responsibility, love of nature, family and country
  • Form healthy lifestyle


Standards and norms of maximum allowable teaching loads, health, safety and security protection of all participants of educational process are carefully followed. All subjects at our school are taught with innovative training aids.


Starting from September 1, 2011 the Primary School of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Australia has been integrating the Federal state standard of elementary general education into teaching process.


Each school year starts on the 1st of September and lasts 33 weeks for the 1st  grade students and 34 weeks for the 2nd -11th grade students. School breaks for at least 30 calendar days. 1st grade students have extra holidays.


Our school works 5 days a week, duration of a lesson – 40 minutes.


Educational process covers various forms and methods all focused on students’ personality development. Teachers use effective educational technologies aimed to enhance their own creativity and to encourage children’s motivation and interest in education. The main of them are technologies of differentiated, developing, projecting, information-communicative, health saving education oriented on student individuality and personal critical thinking. Our teaching staff strives for maximum realization of each student skills and abilities on the basis of human cultural values, artistic education and integration of humanitarian and science subjects with extra curricula activities.


Different activity programs, theme subject weeks, concerts and performances, contests, fitness and health events, circles are held throughout a school year. We        also organize tours and excursions during holidays.